Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Star Wars Savage Worlds... Fight!

So cobbling together some of my previous ideas about using Savage Worlds for Star Wars… (And yes there a bazillion other conversions, I just wanted something simpler)

Example Novice Jedi:

Kahma Orikko

Kahma was orphaned on Coruscant when his Jedi parents were killed when ‘Order 66’ was executed.
He has managed to survive in the shadows along with a small number of other half-trained Jedi.

AGILITY: d6     SMARTS: d6     STRENGTH: d6    SPIRIT: d6     VIGOR: d6
PACE: 6  TOUGH: 6(1)   PARRY: 6 with lightsaber

Arcane Background: Light Side
Lightsaber Forms

Wanted(Major): For being a Jedi

Telekinesis, Boost Trait, Entangle

Force: d6 Light Side: d4 Fighting: d6 Shooting: d6 Streetwise: d6 Stealth: d6
Climbing: d4 Persuasion: d4 Notice: d6

Equipment: Lightsaber (STR+d8+2, AP 12, HW) , Blaster Pistol (12/24/48 2d6 Dam, Shots 100, Semi-Auto, ROF 1), Heavy Clothes (+1)

Kahma was to meet a contact on the lower levels about getting transport for he and his comrades offworld. Unfortunately when he arrived at the  meeting spot, his contact was in Imperial custody.

They really needed that ship and after all, there were only six:


PACE: 6 TOUGH:  9/7 (4/2)

Bodyguard. WC on same side in close proximity can spend a benny to have this character take the hit for him

FIghting d6, Shooting d8,  Notice d4, Intimidation d4, Investigation d4

Equipment: Blaster Rifle (15/30/60 2d8 Dam, Shots 100, Semi-Auto, ROF 1), Stormtrooper Armor (+4Ballistic/+2 Energy)

Fortunately they didn’t notice him yet, so he took a moment to greater attune himself to the Force

(Kahma is using Boost Trait, on his Force skill. This would normally be at a -2 if ‘casting’ instantly, but he can afford to use the full two rounds to negate the penalty, and rolls his Force dice, plus his Light Side dice, the latter of which explodes twice, giving him a raise, and boosting his FOrce skill from d6 to d10 for three rounds, so long as he retains focus.   Since Lightsaber parry is based off of the force and fight skill, his effective parry with the lightsaber goes to 8 for the duration)

Round 1

Stepping around the corner, his lightsaber at the ready, he attempts to use the Force to hold (Entangle)
the troops who are gathered around his captured contact. This will be at a -5, as he is not taking his time, and he is maintaining his Boost Trait.
(He rolls a d10 for Force plus a d4 Light Side die. He blows two of his three Bennies to get a 4, which is the target each of the Stormtroopers must beat to not be held. Sadly, three of them are unaffected, while the other three are only slowed and will suffer -2 on pace and trait rolls.)

All six troopers fire at Kahma, he deflects all of the shots, the last trooper rolling a 1, which results in his own shot coming right back to him killing him instantly.

Round 2

Kahma goes first, and runs into the group of troopers, swinging his lightsaber at one of the Stormtroopers that was not slowed, rolling a d10 for his (boosted) Force skill and a d6  for his Fight, he gets a 12, which is a hit and a raise on the ‘unarmed’ Stormtrooper. He rolls 8 damage,his Lightsaber cuts through the armor like butter, ending yet another Stormtrooper.

Two of the troops fall back a bit shooting at Kahma, one managing to bypass his defence hitting him. The other two troops fail to break free of his ‘entanglement’.

The blast is just enough to Shake Khama as he staggers back from the glancing hit,

Round 3

The Stormtroopers go first, and Kahma immediately spends his last Benny to unshake, lest he risk
greater damage from the Stormtrooper’s volley this round.

This turns out to be a good call, as another shot gets through, shaking him.

Kahma manages to make his Spirit roll to unshake, killing another Stormtrooper with his lightsaber.

That is the good news, the bad news his Boost Trait expires at the end of this round.

Round 4

Kahma win initiative, his Force die is back to a d6, which drops his attack to a d6 Fight + d6 Force. This is still enough to hit with a raise against an ‘unarmed’ defender, and the 20 points of damage he inflicts slices another foe in twain.

The two remaining troopers run, firing blindly behind them.

Kahma has freed his contact, but the Stormtroopers will be back, and in greater numbers…   

Friday, December 4, 2015

Setting Idea for Shadow of the Demon Lord

The skies are a leaden gray as the ancient factories belch forth never ending streams of 
smoke and gas. The natural world was conquered ages ago, plowed under with the promises 
of progress and plenty.

The People were pleased.

Over time, the changes wrought to the world were in turn wrought upon the People, changing 
them, some would say disfiguring them to better endure the now wretched air and poisoned waters.

The People were unsure.

Not all changed as some of the People maintained their original form, which forced them to flee to the few untouched areas of the world or die from the poisoned fruits of industry.

The People were divided.

The Orc prospered, living short but 'interesting' lives in the heart of the industrialized sprawl, finding beauty in the sickly unnatural hues of the daytime sky, and the lifeless grey metal leviathans of skyscrapers reaching towards the sky, ancient factories serving a long forgotten purpose, and the rat's nest of clockwork railways stitching them all together.

The last of the Fey, the Goblins also thrived. While iron was anathema to them, the poison air and the oily waters had no effect, making them valuable allies of the People.

The Clockwork, by and large toil on as they  have through the ages, fewer being created with each passing year as the knowledge to create them is slowly being forgotten.

While the people built towards the sky, perhaps in a vain attempt to pierce the eternal shroud of smog that they themselves created, the Dwarves continued to build down, uncovering ancient dooms that would silence entire cities.

Those of the People who were not changed, the Humans, eked out an existence in whatever small swathes of wilderness that they could find, dreaming of tearing down the industrial nightmare that their ancestors had created.

As the ages have marched on, the craft required to build, let alone to maintain this byzantine infrastructure has decayed. Ancient factories go silent, the food-stuffs and goods they produced becoming less and less common. Wilderness has begun to take hold where once industry held sway.

The People were doomed.

Voices in the dark, whole cities swallowed up seemingly overnight and hordes of Humans organizing for the first time in ages under the banner of 'The Green Man' march to tear down the factories and return the world to the clutches of Fey magic and the capricious 'mercy' of the wild.

The world stand to either be slowly choked to death by the poisons unleashed through the ages, or erased by those seeking to undo all that the People have built.