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All Quiet on the Hommlet Front

Hommlet is a sleepy little village. Aside from the orcs burning down the 'bad part of town' 6 months ago, the elf cultists burning it down again yesterday and another elf 'oracle' prognosticating words of doom to all who would listen, it is quite a lovely place to pass your days.

Four brave and perhaps highly expendable adventurers have been summoned to the sinister home of the town cat lady.

Our characters:

Burbank, the Hobbit Halfling Paladin and local Folk Hero
Princess (S)Elfie, the Elf Bard and Princess of Hommlet
Airaborne the Half-Elven Ranger and former urchin
Axel, the Goblin Rogue and wanted criminal

The cat lady has lived in Hommlet as long as anyone can remember, and has demonstrated preternatural insight into threats to the village as well innovative veterinary techniques.

Stepping bravely into the home, the party is greeted by a ravishing young woman sitting in a rocking chair petting a cat... Princess and Airaborne both note that some of the cat's flesh appears to be dropping off as she pets it, mostly due to it being a very undead cat.

This does not sit well with Airaborne, whom is a sworn enemy of all things undead. Burbank is only aware of the fact that they have entered a building.

Axel notes the presence of what appears to be two body bags behind the cat lady's chair...

After some brief discussion on whether or not to attack the cat lady/necromancer outright, the cat lady is allowed to deliver here required plot exposition.

"Hommlet is in grave danger. An Elvish cult is working to fulfill an ancient prophecy to bring about the end of the world as the folks of Hommlet know it."

"The two former brave adventurers behind me (referring to the contents of the body bags that Axel is quietly pilfering) were sent to retrieve the head of the Great Druid of the Great Forest, whom they had accidentally and improbably killed earlier."

"I was going to use my... magical training... to get information from him regarding this threat, but alas, I need the rest of his body for the ritual to work."

Axel quickly pockets the 20 gold he found on the bodies, but leaves the severed head of the Great Druid alone due to its questionable re-sale value in the already over-saturated severed heads market.

After some quick discussion, the Burbank the Paladin finds that the idea of a bit of grave/tomb robbery is in line with his noble purpose and after a brief stop at Garth's Equipment shop for provisions, they set out on the Eastern Road to ElfHolme to find answers about this cult. 

They were on a cart pulled by a horse with no name along with Lankershim, Burbank's new undead cat friend. 

As the sun sets on the following day, shadows stir along the road and two crossbow bolts miss the party as they are beset by what appear to be four of the reputed cultists.

Airaborne finds himself adorned with crossbow bolts, but thanks to a botched casting of Faerie Fire by one of the cultists that only illuminated his colleagues the party emerged victorious as the last cultist ran north into the woods screaming "They are here!".

Lankershim whispers to Burbank that they should consider fleeing south and abandoning the cart. Answering cries from other 'cultists' to the north quickly convince the party to flee into the woods.

The forst gradually thins out as they head further south until they emerge into a clearing bounded on the far side by a ~20 foot wide stream that appears to run in parallel to the Eastern Road. Across this stream is a blasted hellscape, the ruins of a once great city can be seen in the distances, as can dozens of what appear to be slaves shackled together and being herded into the city by strangley attired warriors that seem strangely familiar to the party.

Everyone finds their sight to be familiar, but only Burbank recalls anything specific.

He was fighting these warriors, over and over again. His side was losing and everyone was fleeing towards a faint hope of safety.

The more he tried to remember, the more it slipped out of reach in the same way that dreams fade after waking.

Lankershim licked Burbank's cheek, but his little undead tongue fell out and he looked at Airaborne and laughed an evil little undead kitty laugh.

An uneventful night followed as the party camped to recover spells and rest, with Lankershim taking the watch.

Without further misadventure, the party makes its way to the beautiful city of Rivendell ElfHolme. Princess (S)Elfie presented herself as royalty to the guard, and after a stirring performance of patriotic Elf songs on her bagpipes, was granted an audience with the Empress after being informed that the Great Druid would be laid to rest that night in the palace.

On their way to the palace, they are flanked on both sides by columns of elves attired in the same attire as the 'cultists' that they encountered enroute to the city, after making it to the palace, the escorting columns of what they learn are the 'Imperial Druidic Order' depart.

A snobby encounter between the Princess and the Empress follows wherein veiled insults are traded and bagpipes are played.

Finally, it is revealed that the whole region has been under a 'protective enchantment' for centuries. All of the people of ElfHolme, Hommlet and the other surrounding areas were in fact refugees from a great war that was lost over 300 years ago.

Part of the enchantment included selective amnesia, to keep the residents docile, and prevent any dangerous mucking about that might endanger their safety or reveal their presence to 'The Enemy(TM)'. 

The Empress also revealed that the reason they were attacked on the road was that there is an agent of the Enemy that made it into the sanctuary with the survivors that they have been unable to find. They believe that this agent was behind the murder of the Great Druid, and she fears that an attempt will be made to steal his body, which could be used in a ritual to reveal how to tear down the protective enchantments keeping them safe.

Oops says the party, shortly before they notice that Lankershim is gone.

The doors to the throne room open, and a breathless guard enters to tell all assembled that a some undead feline beast, similar in form to a were-beast tore through the guards in the funeral chamber, and escaped into the forest with the body of the Great Druid.

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Traveller 2nd Edition Character Creation

Well I find myself with time on my hands, so I’m going to go through the lifepath generation of the new 2nd edition of ‘Mongoose’ Traveller.

For those not in the know, Traveller is to science fiction rpgs what D&D is to fantasy. Traveller is interesting in that you may start with a character idea, but you play through various stages of the character’s life, so what you may anticipate at the beginning may not reflect where you end up at ‘game start’.

Perhaps a bit close to real life?

At any-rate, let us meet our future adventurer:  Hillary Sanders Trump.

Hillary is from Earth, around TL 10 (Tech Level 10, which means jump drives are available, but recently, we will say for the last 50 years or so.) This would be a fairly… disruptive time, as every person, corporation, religion and other organization will be rushing to carve out ‘their’ own piece of the cosmos, and many current governments will struggle to maintain control.

  1. The first step in character creation is to roll 2d6 six times and allocate among strength, dexterity, endurance,intellect,education and social standing.

The pool I end up with is:

5,3, 11, 8, 7, 9 and 5.


Well let’s make her smart and educated. Perhaps due to frequent illness she focused inward on her intellectual growth::

Strength 3 (-1), Dexterity 5 (-1), Endurance 5 (-1)
Intellect 11 (+1), Education 9 (+1), Social 8 (+0)

     2. Background Skills

         Hillary gets to choose a number of ‘Background Skills’ at level 0 equal to her education DM (die modifier, which in her case would be 4, as her DM for education is +1)
         Given she appears to be an explorer of the great indoors, she is probably not going to start with much in terms of physical skills, so let us give her Admin 0, Broker 0, Science 0 and Medic 0 due to all the time she spent with doctors growing up.

It should be noted that the purpose of a 0 level skills is it allows a straight roll without being penalized for not having the skill.

3. Careers are what define a Traveller’s life, and in this edition we have the opportunity to have pre-career education such as University or a Military Academy. The latter appears to be a bad idea for Hillary, so she will attempt to enroll in University.

To enter University, she needs to roll a EDU of 7+. She would get a bonus if her social standing is high enough, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Hillary rolls an 8 + 1 from her EDU, so she makes it into University!

She gets to choose one skill at 0 and one at level 1

For Hillary we will choose Electronics 0, and Engineering 1 (J-drive) (Huge demand for people who know how jump drives work)

If a skill has a specialty, such as Electronics or Engineering, once the Traveller reaches level 1, she selects a specialty. When you get to level 2, you can either go to level 2 with that specialty or level 1 with another specialty.

Her Education stat also goes to 10.

She now rolls on the vent table and gets a ‘Life Event’ and gets ‘Good Fortune’ something happened during college that will allow her to get a +2DM to a later benefit roll. In her case let’s say that she writes a very clever analysis about the limitations of a certain standard J-Drive that may come to the attention of someone down the road…

Now she needs to roll INT 7+ to graduate or 11+ for graduation with honors:

Hillary agains rolls an 8 + 1 from her INT DM, so she graduates normally which bumps her
ELectronics to\ Electronics 1 (Computers) and Engineering to Engineering 2 (J-Drive) and bumps here Education stat to 12 which means she is at a DM +2 for Education rolls now


Hillary is going to try to be a Scholar (Scientist)

She gets a +1 to qualify due to her graduation and an additional +1 for her Intelligence. She needs to roll a 6 or better to qualify and does.

Given this is her first term, she get all of her basic skills at level 0 if she does not already have them:
Drive,Electronics,Diplomat,Medic,Investigate and Science.

She now rolls on the scientist table:

Science 1 (Physics)

Next step is to see if she ‘survives’ this term and she needs to roll EDU 4+, which given she has a +2 modifier due to her Education bonus is assured.

Events for the term happen next: She is given advanced training in a specialist field if she can roll EDU 8+, which amazingly she doesn’t. Life sucks sometimes.

Advancement: Now she needs to roll a INT 8+ to ‘advance’  as she is currently a ‘Rank 0’ Scholar, and she gets a 10 which bumps here to ‘Rank 1’ gets her a Science level which she adds to Physics, as well as another development roll, this time she spends her time on personal development and gets DEX +1.

Perhaps she started playing Space Squash?

She is now 4 years older, so at 22 this is Hillary:
Strength 3 (-1), Dexterity 6 (+0), Endurance 5 (-1)
Intellect 11 (+1), Education 12 (+2), Social 8 (+0)
Admin 0, Broker 0, Broker 0, Drive 0, Diplomat 0, Investigate 0, Science 2 (Physics), Engineering 2 (J-Drive), Medic 0, Electronics 1 (Computers)


Rolling on the Scientist skills and talents:

Another level of Science, which she is putting into Physics

She automatically ‘survives’

Events: Life events table shows that she gets an Ally from a Romantic Relationship (character creation is suggested as a group activity as PCs can connect their characters on events such as this and gains some free skills)

Advancement: Yes, she barely gets an 8. Scholarly fields are easy to survive, hard to advance which is the reverse of military careers. She is now Rank 2, no formal title unlike military careers (which have O and E tracks) She gets another level for Electronics (Computers) and another roll on development which she is going to use on the personal development table again (focuses on attribute and language improvmenets) Her Social is bumped by +1, perhaps as a result of her new romantic relationship boosting her confidence or introducing her to ‘better’ people.
Hillary is now 26

Strength 3 (-1), Dexterity 6 (+0), Endurance 5 (-1)
Intellect 11 (+1), Education 12 (+2), Social 9 (+1)
Admin 0, Broker 0, Drive 0, Diplomat 0, Investigate 0, Science 3 (Physics), Engineering 2 (J-Drive), Medic 0, Electronics 2 (Computers)
            She has an Ally as a result of a Romantic Relationship
            Rank 2 Scholar


Rolling on the scientist table:

Admin 1… Yep as any scientist will tell you…

She automatically survives

Events: You gain a prestigious prize for your work, garnering praise and envy of your co-workers. +1 DM for one benefit roll.

Advancement: Yes, with an 11 this time. This bumps her to Rank 3, which gives her Investigate 1. And another roll, which bumps her Endurance to 6.

Hillary is now 30

Strength 3 (-1), Dexterity 6 (+0), Endurance 6 (+0)
Intellect 11 (+1), Education 12 (+2), Social 9 (+1)
Admin 1, Broker 0, Drive 0, Diplomat 0, Investigate 1, Science 3 (Physics), Engineering 2 (J-Drive), Medic 0, Electronics 2 (Computers)
            She has an Ally as a result of a Romantic Relationship
            Rank 3 Scholar
            + 1 DM to one benefit roll, +2 DM to one benefit roll.


Rolling on the Scientist table:

Investigate +1

She automatically survives

Event: Life event: You commit or are convicted of a crime. Lose one benefit or server a Term as a Prisoner. Oops. Let’s keep those benefits and send Hillary to the crossbar motel. (Maybe she used her newfound Investigate skill to look into someone she shouldn’t have?)

Aging roll!

She is now 34 and has to make aging rolls at the end of every term going forward, and she has at least one more in prison… Fortunately no impact yet.

Interestingly she still gets to roll for advancement, but doesnt make it.


Hillary starts in jail. Looking at the tracks available, trying to be a ‘fixer’ is her best bet as just ‘doing her time’ relies alot on her non existent endurance whereas Fixer relies on Intelligence

Parol Threshold is rolled as 5 (she needs to beat this with an advancement roll to leave)

Skills (from the Fixer options)

Deception 1

Survival: Really not a sure thing now, and she fails.

A prison gang decides to persecute her. I f she doesnt fight back she loses her benefit roll, if she fights back and loses… well off to the injry table repeatedly.

She choses to fight and gets a natural 12… So even lacking any notable skills she manages to fight them off, gaining a bonus to her Parole threshold of +1

Advancement: She rolls a 7, needed a 6 after her prison fight.

Aging roll: No problem

We are done with Hillary’s Career. Once a promising scientist, perhaps she found something she shouldnt have, was sent to prison and is now free again after 4 years.

Now we see see what Benefits she gets:

For her Science careeer, she gets 4 for her 4 terms, plus 2 for her rank.

  • Lab Ship (With %25 mortgage paid off)
  • Using her +2 DM, she get 100000 CR
  • Using her +1 DM she gets Lab Ship again (So now %50 paid off)
  • INT +1
  • Two Ship Shares
  • 30000CR

For her Prison career, she gets nothing as the failed survival roll means it wasn't a ‘successful’ prison term.

So as we begin play:

Hillary Sanders Trump, Age 38 (Maybe) framed scientist looking for revenge.

Strength 3 (-1), Dexterity 6 (+0), Endurance 6 (+0)
Intellect 12 (+2), Education 12 (+2), Social 9 (+1)
Admin 1, Broker 0, Drive 0, Deception 1, Diplomat 0, Investigate 2, Science 3 (Physics), Engineering 2 (J-Drive), Medic 0, Electronics 2 (Computers)
            She has an Ally as a result of a Romantic Relationship
            She has a Prison Gang as an enemy due to… well prison.
            Lab Ship that is %50 paid off, 2 ship shares, 130000CR
            Rank 3 Scholar
            Rank 0 Prisoner
To give an idea how good Hillary is when it come to Physics issues, the average difficulty rolled against is an 8. She would roll 2d6, plus 2 from her Intelligence, +3 from her skill, so she would only fail if she rolled snake-eyes.

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Actor Summary:

Codename White: Dr Augustus Freemind, former SECTOR operative burned after -REDACTED-, believed to be one of the current ‘Primaries’ of SPECTRUM
Codename Red: Chandra Guile, Unknown Military Background


<WHITE> I would call the San Diego operation more than a mere setback Green, what was supposed to be SPECTRUM’s triumphant emergence onto the world stage has become an embarrassment of global proportions.

<RED> I haven’t been briefed on the operation…

<GREEN> We used the Broker’s auction to lure in a number of organizations that have so far… resisted our efforts to absorb their operations. Unfortunately some SECTOR operatives infiltrated the auction, uncovered the location of the bomb, and disarmed it.

<RED> Do we have their files? I’m assuming we are going to eliminate these agents, their families, friends… The usual?

<WHITE> We know who they are. Two of them were nosing around our Nigeria operation a few months back and managed to set off a major international incident. SECTOR is still answering questions from the Senate Intelligence Committee about that.

<RED> How did these agents gain entry to the event then? Surely Hoops… The Broker knew who they were?

<GREEN> They had cash and they claimed to be burned BECAUSE of the said Nigeria operation. Hoops only knew the so-called pilot and that trigger-happy cop… He had no idea that Murry, or Curry or whatever his name is was also SECTOR and that one ended up on his security detail.

<RED> Better choice than using the Secret Dutch Martial Arts Army… Seriously, who uses secret martial arts armies these days?

<WHITE> Given the security footage of how well the Dutch didn’t do against the agents in the elevator using their dead comrades for cover… I would guess there will be fewer employers for those groups. On the plus side they were quite loyal and chose to guard the merchandise to the bitter end, even after it was revealed to be a nuke.

<RED> Who is this?

<GREEN> The cleaning lady? Yeah we don’t know much about her… Fast forward to the part where she tears off her mustache and kills two of the SDMAA guards in one motion… Impressive actually.

<RED> ....Tiffany was there?

<WHITE> Yes, and she escaped with half of the World Crime League delegation that was sent to the auction.

<RED> Half?

<GREEN> Fast forward to the SECTOR apprentice drinking lattes with the ISIS driver in the parking lot.... The two WCL assault transport helicopters came in guns blazing, the kid gets a call presumably from one of the SECTOR agents in the building, the ISIS driver hands him an RPG and watch…

<RED> BAM… wow, but what does that other helicopter do while they are giving each other high-fives?... Oh… I forget what miniguns can do to a person….

<GREEN> And the grand finale… AC-130 Gunship orbiting the hotel turning it to dust as the SECTOR agents escape with the bomb in a box truck.

<RED> How did SECTOR get the intel on the hotel?

<WHITE> We leaked it… Albeit we didn’t expect them to do anything but flounder and die. Their success was… disappointing.

<RED> Yes your reaction on-air was memorable...Why leak it?

<WHITE> To flush out a traitor inside SPECTRUM… Green, would you care for a moment to collect your final thoughts?

<GREEN> ….

(nine shots sound)

<WHITE> Red, you didn’t also have to shoot him like that, that was wasteful… Also I placed the plastic on the floor to catch the bloodsplatter, now I’m going to have a stain there…

<RED> Sorry, old habits…

<WHITE> He has a transmitting device in his right pocket, be a dear and shut it off.


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About Reign

Digging things up from ages ago, here is an overview of Reign (specifically the Enchiridion) by Greg Stolze. Now that Ive actually run a ton of differnt systems over the past four years I would like to revisit this at somepoint with 'lessons learned' since that time.

The Enchiridion is the 'setting neutral' version of the fantasy rules found in the RPG Reign by Greg Stolze.

The Enchiridion provides the usual tools needed to run a typical sword & sorcery or high fantasy campaign, but it is VERY well suited for play as the 'movers and shakers' of the world... Why just be the humble Paladin when you can run an entire Knightly Order?

Mechanically, the system uses a die-pool of d10s, at its most simple, you roll the appropriate number of dice, and look for sets: width indicates speed, height indicates quality.

What this means in play is that EVERYONE rolls once for an action, and that roll determines degree of success/failure as well as who goes first which is probably why they call it the 'One Roll Engine' :P

Character generation has both a point buy option and a 'One Roll' option (The latter of which I personally think is the better choice as you end up with plot hooks right off the bat.)

To demonstrate the system, I will roll a character and take him through a few rounds of combat... As a note I didn't actually fudge any of these rolls, so had to improvise a bit.

(Also note that the descriptions of results are paraphrased, so please don't blame the game's author for my painful grammar.)

His name will be Jaern Jensen I roll 11d10

The Matched Sets

2x1 Lowly Beggar:

+1 Run
+1 Dodge
+2 Plead
+1 Sight

3x5 Weathered Tar (Seaman)

+1 Fight
+2 Climb
+2 Student of Sailing
+1 Athletics
+2 Endurance
+2 Vigor


Now to match the 'Loose Dice', alternating between 'Unusual Experience Charts'

2 & 8 will be from Chart A
6 & 10 will be from Chart B
7 will be from Chart C

2: Robbed! Someone has stolen pretty much every cent you have in the world. +1 SENSE as it has made you wary, if you have any wealth levels you lose them all and replace them with advantages of your choice.

8: Kidnapped by Barbarians: +1 Ride, +1 Endurance, +1 Plead, +2 Language of you Kidnappers

6: vengeance Quest: They murdered someone, and you have spent years honing yourself into an engine of Vengeance: +2 Sword, First two techniques of a MArtial

Path. Path must related to sword dodge or parry.

10: Diplomatic Incident: You managed to create a tremendous antagonism between two powers. Patron (5 Points) Problem: Enemy

7: Unlikely Education: At some point you gained a great deal of knowledge about something outside your normal background. +5 in a Student skill you don't

already possess (Student: Scribe in this case)


So without using any specific world background, he is how I would assemble Jaern's backstory based on the above items:

Jaern Jensen

Jaern was a young court scribe with a family who made two terrible mistakes: the first mistake was that of diligence, as he unwittingly uncovered the collusion of a noble family with an enemy of the kingdom. His second mistake was reporting it.

He was celebrated by the king as a hero, and the (known) traitors in the noble house were hanged. However in the ensuing chaos of the war that followed, the surviving members of the noble house took it upon themselves to destroy Jaern, succeeding in killing his family and destroying him professionally.

Jaern found himself destitute, scraping out a living on the streets. One drunken night he wandered a bit too close to the docks and found himself pressed into service on board a piratefrigate. Years of sailing and plundering have given Jaern the skills to one day return home and exact vengeance on the nobles that destroyed his former life.


Mission: Avenge my family's murder.

Duty: Always keep my word.

Craving: Drink whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Body: 2 (Run +1, Fight +1, Athletics +1, Endurance +2, Vigor +2)
Sense: 4 (Sight +1)
Charm: 2 (Plead +3)
Coordination: 3 (Dodge +1, Climb +1, Ridge +1, Sword +2)
Command: 2 
Knowledge: 2 (Student of Sailing +2, Native Language MD, Pirate Language +2, Student of Scribe +5) 

Martial Path: Path of the Razor Heart
1: Pure Commencement: You can draw and attack in the same round with no penalty.
2: Single Intent: If you make an attack and hit, you do one point of additional shock damage to the torso that ignores armor. Can be used with Pure Commencement.


Jaern has wealth 0 which is typically bad... Given he is a pirate and he has a sword based marital path, we let him have a cutlass to start with

Cutlass: Width+1 Killing

Hit Locations: 10:Head 4, 7-9:Torso 10, 5-6:Rt Arm 5, 3-4: Lt Arm 5, 2:Rt Leg 5, 1: Lt Leg 5


Jaern decides that while his time with the pirates has been valuable, it is time for him to move on to activities that will result in the death of his enemies... Unfortunately Captain Braeburn is waiting for him on the dock as he tries to sneak off the ship:

Captain Braeburn (Combat Relevant Skills)
Body:2 (FIght 2, Parry 2)
Command: 3 (Intimidate 2, Inspire 1)
Sense: 2

Hit Locations: 10:Head 4, 7-9:Torso 10, 5-6:Rt Arm 5, 3-4: Lt Arm 5, 2:Rt Leg 5, 1: Lt Leg 5
Jaern also has a leather vest to provide AR 1 to his torso.

Were he facing a band of the usual riff-raff pirates that he is accustomed to brow-beating on a regular basis, Braeburn might hope to use his formidable intimidation skill, but Jaern is not an 'Unworthy Combatant'.

Braeburn smiles and tells Jaern that his skipping ship is quite convenient as he had recently taken on a contract from the very same nobles who had killed Jaern's family to finish the job by killing Jaern himself.

Combat in this system is basically broken into a declaration and an execution phase, since Jaern has a higher sense score, Braeburn declares his action which is to attack Jaern. Jaern declares that he is going to disarm Braeburn, utilizing Single Intent.

During the execution phase, EVERYONE rolls and looks for sets, the width determines speed + damage, the height location & quality.

Braeburn rolls his fight + body dice at a -1d penalty as he needs to draw his cutlass and gets:
Matches: [6, 6] Loose dice: 8

Jaern rolls Sword + Coordination + 1D as he is directly fulfilling a passion, in this case working to 'Avenge my family's murder'. He takes NO penalty for drawing and attacking due to his Pure Commencement step on the Razor Heart martial path. To disarm you take a called shot you lose one dice, and set one dice to the location you want, in this case he is aiming for location 5, so his dice pool is effectively 4d + one dice at location 5.

Matches: [8, 8] Loose dice: 3 10

Unfortunately for Jaern he has no dice to match the called shot, but he does have a 2x8 which would be a solid hit to Braeburn's torso. Given both widths were the same, the height of the roll acts as the tie breaker.

Jaern swings for Braeburn's sword arm, but slips too low, catching Captain Braeburn in the torso for (Width + 1 Minus Armor=2k) in the torso. Any hit, regardless of damage getting through also drops a dice from your enemy's set, so Braeburn's 2x6 roll becomes 1x6 and amounts to nothing.

Additionally, since Jaern is using Single Intent, Braeburn suffers an additional point of shock to his torso.

Round 2:

Braeburn snarls and lunges at Jaern

Jaern will perform a feint on Braeburn.

Braeburn rollls:
Matches: Loose dice: 1 2 3 9

Jaern rolls: (Normal dice pool + 1d for passion)
Matches: [1, 1][10, 10] Loose dice: 2 7

Braeburn can do nothing, Jaern rolled two sets, but only had one declared action, so can only use one set. (The other set would be useful as if Braeburn had hit him, he would still have a set.)

Typically a feint does two things, it removes a dice from an opponent's set, and it give the fighter a +1d vs that opponent next round. Braeburn had no sets to break, but Jaern still gets the bonus next round.

Round 3:

Braeburn is visibly off his game, he yells for help and chooses to parry Jaern's attacks.

Jaern sneers and attempts a disfiguring strike.

Braeburn rolls:
Matches: [1, 1] Loose dice: 4 7

Jaern rolls: (5d + 1d for passion + 1d for his succesful feint - 1d for the called shot, so he will roll 5 dice, and have an additional one set to location 10)

Matches: [8, 8][10, 10] Loose dice: 3

Braeburn does roll a set, but a 2x1 is too slow to block anything, and Jaern effectively has a 3x10 set which goes off before Braeburn can raise his weapon to stop it.

A 3x 'Expert' success on a disfiguring strike does only 1 point of killing damage, but gives Captain Braeburn the 'Gruesome' problem as his face his carved apart.

Round 4:

Braeburn , weeping loudly, attempts to run away, fortunately for him six of his pirate crew have arrived in response to his yelling.

The pirates will spend this round closing on Jaern.

Jaern grins like a maniac and shouts "You see your captain? I will make each of you mongrels just as 'beautiful'!" (Threaten)

Since Jaern is not stopping Braeburn, there is no need for him to roll and he flees.

The pirates are closing and do not need to roll either.

Jaern rolls his Intimidate pool, which is COmmand stat + Intimidation skill... In his case he has a die pool of 2.
Matches: Loose dice: 3 8

The pirates are non-plused by Jaern's threats and move to attack.

Round 5:

The pirates are 'Unworthy Opponents'... basically mooks. These mooks are Threat 2, meaning you need to roll a set with a height of two to take one out, and are armed with cutlasses.

The pirates will attempt to overwhelm Jaern and swarm in for the attack.

Jaern will perform two attacks, which gives him a -1d penalty, and since he let the captain go, I'm not giving him a passion bonus as he is obviously no longer seeking revenge.

Pirates roll:
Matches: Loose dice: 1 2 4 5 6 8

Jaern rolls:
Matches: [2, 2] Loose dice: 4 10

Although they weren't impressed by Jaern's words, Jaern's cutlass quickly cuts down one of their number.

Round 6:

The five remaining pirates are angered by the loss of their comrade... and they do what mooks do: ATTACK!

Jaern in the meantime realizes that he is more likely to take them down one at a time, so only performs a single strike.

Pirates roll:
Matches: [6, 6][8, 8] Loose dice: 7

Jaern rolls:
Matches: [9, 9] Loose dice: 2 8 10

Jaern's cutlass cleaves another pirate, (destroying the 2x6 set they had), but as one pirate slips to the ground another manages to land a solid blow

inflicting 3 points of killing damage to Jairn's torso.

As the pirates assess their diminishing tactical advantage, a voice calls out from the darkness: "Jaern Jensen is a friend to the King, if you are his enemy

you shall have the whole might of the Kingdom come crashing down upon you!"

Hearing this, the remaining pirates turn tail and run after their Captain.

Jaern turns to face his would-be rescuer with some trepidation... As history has proven, the only thing that can kill you faster then being the enemy of a king is being the 'friend' of one..."