Monday, March 7, 2016

Exodus: About the Orks

Question: How do you anger an Ork?
Answer: Exist
The Orks are a large,chaotic and highly aggressive race that breeds at an alarming rate. Fortunately for the other races, Orks enjoy slaughtering each other as much as they do any other race.
Contrary to popular belief this is not mindless slaughter. The Orks firmly believe in the 'survival of the fittest', since they are an asexual race, and all members are capable of procreating at seemingly random intervals, they see it as their duty to 'weed out' the weakest members so that their weakness does not manifest in another generation, thus strengthening the race as a whole and eventually causing the species to ascend to godhood. (OrK Pre-Exodus mythology consisted of one creator god, who after creating the orcs, killed himself for failing to create perfection... This god has no name as all creatures found to be failures are to be forgotten, even divine ones...)
Just as all Orks may randomly procreate, some Orks may grow much faster and stronger then their fellows and become Oraks.
Oraks are physically powerful, but also much more even tempered and intelligent than their lesser brethren (Orakas) allowing them to fill what passes for leadership roles in Orkish ‘society’.
Being both highly individualistic and highly chaotic means that Orks (especially Oraks) are fearsome lone-wolf warriors, but lack any semblance of organization needed to form larger military units with any degree of cohesion or long-term purpose. They also tend to shun complex martial-forms and rely on brute force to win any encounters.
Orak Warlords have risen to drive Orkish hordes on to great wars of destruction, but these hordes tend to fall upon themselves the moment their Orak leaders fall.

An Orak averages 7 feet in height and weighs in at an impressive 350 pounds. Their skin color range from a grayish white to a chalky blue. Unlike 'lesser' Orakas, they are also uniformly bald.

Orakas (Commonly just called 'Orks') are about the same height and build as a human, but tend to be much much angrier. Skin colors are the same as the Oraks, but all have varying degrees of mangy black hair.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Exodus: About the Goblins

"You can always trust a Goblin to stab you in the back and then sell you a bandage."
Goblins are a thin race of vaguely reptilian looking humanoids ranging from dark to light green in color. They stand about a foot shorter than an average human, appear to be almost emaciated and possess an overlarge set of teeth that gives a Goblin the facial appearance of madly grinning piranha fish.
Much like the Orcs, the Goblins were a constant thorn in the side of humanity before the Exodus. Now, after the alliances forged in blood between Humans,Orcs and Goblins in the days of the Exodus they are merely a semi-constant thorn in the side of both Humans and Orcs.
Fairly or unfairly Goblins have a reputation for being liars and tricksters, oft times merely for the sake of enjoying said lie or trick... While they are amazingly persuasive and charming for such a sinister looking race, they are quite individualistic and much like the orcs, do not hesitate to take advantage of others of their own species just as readily as anyone else.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exodus: About the Elves

"The beauty of an Elf is only surpassed by the ugliness of her heart."
In the common lore Elves were often portrayed as prancing through the forest protecting the humble beasts and tending to the needs of the fairy woodlands.
As is the case with much 'common lore' it is completely and utterly wrong.
The Elves believed that any and all things in the world were created for the use of the Elves. The Elves have no gods, the Elves believe they ARE gods. (Due in no small part to their longevity)
Immediately before the Exodus in the Old World, while the other races banded together in a desperate bid to buy time so that entire populations could flee the seemingly unstoppable tide of the Enemy, the Elves stood fast in their forest domains secure in their defense and mildly amused by the destruction of the world around them.

While tens of thousands fled through the gate to the new world, Human Necromancers found a way to subvert  the living defenses of the Elves, allowing the Enemy to destroy them entirely. This distraction bought enough time to allow many more to cross over into the new world and allowed the last defenders of the gate enough time to seal it shut. 
Elves are a rarity in this world. Several have managed to crossover, but there are no known Elf settlements, and an Elf arriving in town is an event that does not go unnoticed... Often by the lynching of said Elf.
A note on Immortality:
Immortality is a blessing and a curse. The Elf will never grow old and will never die, however once 'killed' in combat the Elf can still feel EVERYTHING and if its sensory organs are still in one piece, he or she can perceive what is around him but the body at this point will never heal.
The worst punishment for an Elf is to be sentenced to the Teaching Tree. The Elf will be beheaded, and his still living head hung from the limbs of a tree along with thousands of others silently screaming in eternal undying torment as a continual 'lesson' to the community 

Friday, March 4, 2016

Exodus: An Interview

"So it was me an' Guhn were scoutin' ahead of the squad, just goin' ta pop into one of the little farm villages on da Western Frontier, maybe pop into  a farmer's daughter or two if ya know what I'm sayyin!."

"Indeed Scout, you paint a picture with words... Continue with your report."

"So anyways, as I was sayin' me an Guhn pop into this town all quiet like for a bit of fun, but da' whole town was empty! Da pub had ales on the table, and half eaten meals gone bad, but didn't find nobody... I told Guhn... 'Guhn, we needs ta scoot back to the Old Man and let him know what we found, but Guhn wanted to rekonyter... er rekonnayt.."

"Reconnoiter is the word you are looking for Scout, continue..."

"So Guhn wanders off looking for some reconnoitering.."

"You mean he is looting the village..."

"On me mama's grave sir, I swear he just be lookin' out for the Legion is all... Anyways I'm relievin' meself after investigating the ale supply a bit more in the pub when I heard Guhn... I swear it had to be him sir, but never heard no man make a scream like that then nothin'..."

"You went out to look for Scout Guhn at this point?"

"Er... Not quite sir, I figgered it be wiser to find one of them defeensible positions first..."

"You hid?"

"Er... Yes sir, I hid. Stayed in a crawlspace I did all night...maybe I'm a cowardly shit, but something wasn't... right..."

"The screaming of one's colleague would usually indicate that was the case..."

"I'm a good scout sir, grew up in the Frontier I did, know the sounds and the smells... When Guhn's scream cutoff... Everything else cutoff too sir.."


"Everything sir, not even a cricket fart... Then I felt it..."

"The 'Dirty Feeling' in your report?"

"Unclean sir... Like somethin' was crawlin on me grave...Not good with big words or big ideas sir, but it felt wrong sir, felt angular..."

"Angular? An odd choice of words Scout..."

"The world sir, it's curves... rolling hills, mountains,  a  whore's arse... This feeling was unclean... unnatural... All angles and sharpness crawling in my head... not natural sir... not natural at all."  

"And your eyes? You can still see?"

"Next morning sir, I popped outta da crawlspace and ran sir, clear back to the unit... Old Man crapped a brick when he saw me face and me eyes be missing..."

"But you can still see?"

"Yes sir, I see lots of things now sir...lots of things..."

- Unredacted Excerpt from Interview with Scout Thaelen of Mhordyn's Legion

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Exodus: Five Pillars of the Republic

I. There are No Rights But Those Which You Earn. Power is for the capable; traditional hereditary rule led to incompetence in the face of the Enemy which in turn destroyed our old world. All titles, duties and honors are to be earned. The achievements or failures of the father shall not be reflected upon the son.

II. Citizenship is a Right. And as such, it must be earned. All born into the Republic are Citizens, but Citizenship is a duty, and shall be stripped from those found to be lacking.

III. Life is a Right. And as such , it must be earned. All born into the Republic owe the Republic a Debt of Work to reflect the sacrifices of the millions who have died to ensure your existence and to ensure that if the Enemy sets foot on our new home, we shall not be found wanting again. Those found guilty of the murder of a Citizen, have not just deprived a Citizen of his Rights, but have also stolen from the Republic that Citizen's future contributions and shall be consigned to Perpetual Service to the Republic.  

IV. All Debts Are Paid. All Debts unpaid in life, will be paid in Perpetual Service.

V. The Republic is our Salvation. The Gods have deserted us, the old Royal traditions have weakened us and our old racial hatreds still threaten us. The Republic is our balm and our salvation. As individual Citizens, we are weak, as the Republic we are unstoppable.

- Five Pillars of the Republic

Pay Your Debt!

Join the Expeditionary Legions today and after a mere 5 year enlistment, not only will you fulfill your Debt of Work to the Republic, but you will be given land and supplies needed to add to the growing holdings of the Republic's colonization efforts.

Serve the Legion, Serve the Republic

(Penal and Indentured recruits also accepted.)

- Bill posted throughout the streets of Haven

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Exodus: The Survivors

 We Survived

 We, the survivors of the Exodus emerged on the other side of the portal in the center of this ancient city, long abandoned. Gardens were well cared for, the buildings looked as if they had all been carefully maintained, yet not a soul was to be found within these silent walls. We rejoiced in our survival before our new reality had a chance to sink in...

Our Families were gone. Half of those who stepped foot into the portal, never emerged. We were now a collection of widowers, widows and orphans. Our old families were shattered, our loves lost to the void.

Our Gods were dead. The few priests who survived could no longer feel the presence of the Gods, their prayers and meditations found only the cold emptiness of a Divine tomb. Whatever had silenced the former inhabitants of our new home had also silenced their Gods as well. We had no higher power to turn to for answers. The old religions and faiths vanished quickly, to be replaced by a small, yet growing cult to the God Unborn, their core tenet being that once the gods made the mortal races... now the mortal races must in turn, remake the gods.

Magic has changed. Of the three Magi Schools: Elementi, Mens and Anima, only the Anima practitioners made the crossing... Not one practitioner of Elementi or Mens survived the Exodus, and of the Anima Sorcerers, only the Necromancers exist in any appreciable numbers.

Our only friends were once our worst enemies... Goblins, humans and orcs had fought each other tirelessly for centuries before making common cause against the Enemy, now we must again make common cause to tame a new world, as well as  each other.

Out of the ashes of our loss and sorrow, we will arise and claim this world as our own.

-Excerpt  from 'Asunder', the first written history of the Exodus and the discovery and occupation of the city now known as 'Haven'