Thursday, June 30, 2016

Hommlet and DungeonWorld

So like many times, I found the story we started to build with Dungeon World to be interesting and quite game-able, but the system itself was light for my tastes, so much so that it bordered on 'magic tea party' at times in terms of system support.

That being said, Dungeon World itself is a fantastic read for GM advice, how to generate a world, character bonds and many other elements that are completely divorced from the mechanics presented.

So what would I run 'Hommlet' with in the future?

It would probably come to down to Savage Worlds(Using Shaintar), Cypher System, Fantasy Age or 13th Age. (Maybe Shadow of the Demon Lord...)

Let's start with how Gaston! and Nick would look in Fantasy Age:

Fantasy AGE is a class and level , slow health attrition system similar to D&D but with 3d6 for all test rolls and damage expressed in d6s.

There are three classes availabe: Warrior, Rogue and Mage. These are fairly broad classes, one could for example make a viable Ranger with a Warrior or a Rogue depending on your Talent and Foci choices.

The system goes from level 1 to 20, so we are going to start them off at level 3 as that allows some customization and seems to 'jive' with what 1st level Dungeon World characters were able to accomplish.

Gaston! the 3rd level Upper Class Noble Human Warrior
 Health: 42 Magic:0 Speed:11 Defense:12 Armor:4 Penalty:-1
Accuracy 0, Communication 4 [Etiquette,Persuasion], Constitution 2, Dexterity 2 [Riding]
Fighting 3 [Heavy Blades], Intelligence 1, Perception 2, Strength 3, Willpower 0
Powers&Talents: Single Weapon Style(Journeyman), Pole Weapon Style (Novice), Armor Training (Novice)
Equipment: Heavy Leather Armor, Scimitar, Spear, Black Powder Pistol

Nick the 3rd level Outsider Human Wanderer Rogue
 Health: 40 Magic:0 Speed:13 Defense:13 Armor:3 Penalty:0
Accuracy 3 [Bows], Communication 1, Constitution 2 [Swimming], Dexterity 3
Fighting 0, Intelligence 1 [Navigation,Natural Lore], Perception 3 [Searching], Strength 2,
 Willpower 1
Powers&Talents: Pinpoint Attack, Rogue's Armor, Scouting(Novice), Animal Training (Novice)
Equipment: Light Leather Armor, Shortsword, Long Bow, Weasel

Gaston and Nick are in a cave that they have no business being in when they see the bear, much larger than the usual and also scary bears in the Forest. 

A loud SNAP echoes through the chamber as Gaston steps on a twig... in the cave... that happens to break quite loudly.
(Gaston rolled a measly 5 on his tealth check: 3 on the dice + 2 for his Dexterity)

Gaston! 17
Bear! 15
Nick? 14

Turn 1
Gaston back peddles from the bear and steps into his single weapon fighting stance which will give him a better defense going forward, the bear rushes straight towards him bellowing with rage.

Nick steps back to give himself room to 'work' with his bow and fires, his arrow thudding into the bear's hide as it bellows in pain.
(7 on the dice + 3 for Accuracy + 2 for his Bows Foci gives him just enough to hit and does 12 points of damage.)

Turn 2
Gaston! aims and strikes at the bear with his scimitar but manages to miss completely
(3 on the dice + 3 for his Fighting + 2 for his Heavy Blades Focus.)

The bear rears up and swipes Gaston with its claws, sending Gaston reeling.
(6 on the dice + 9 to hit doing 11 points of damage after armor absorption.)

Nick fires again, piercing one of the bear's legs sending it sprawling to the ground as it goes deep.
(Nick rolled doubles and selected Mighty Blow for additional damage and Knock Prone doing 16 points of damage to the bear.)

Turn 3
Gaston takes advantage of the bear's prone position to drive his scimitar deep into it's hide before returning to a defensive stance awaiting it's reprisal.
(Gaston rolled doubles, and spends his stunt points on additional damage and a defense bonus for himself for the rest of the turn.)

The bear leaps from ground with a roar, batting aside Gaston's defense, knocking him on his ass and barely missing when it attempts to followup its strike with a brutal bite from it's snarling jaws.
(The bear got an incredible roll and stunt points which were used to drop Gaston to the ground and attempt to tear his throat out with his jaws. Fortunately Gaston only takes 12 more points of damage after armor putting him around %50 health.)

Nick lands another telling arrow shot in the bear as it is now staggering and bleeding profusely.
(Another solid hit with just enough stunt points to buy more damage. 18 more points of damage to the bear.)

Turn 4
Gaston, also bleeding heavily staggers to his feet and drives his blade through the bear's skull, causing it to sag quietly to the ground before transforming from a dead bear into a dead elf.

Next time I will look at Cypher System and explain what exactly this means:

Gaston !
Charming Warrior Who Fights with Panache
Might Speed Intellect
12/1 14/1 10/0
Bear 2 Cyphers
Practiced with All Weapons
Scimitar , Knife, Chain Mail, Moderately priced item
Swipe (1 Speed Point) - 1pt less damage, but dazes the target for one round.
Control the FIeld (1 Might Point) - Maneuver the target where you wish within immediate range regardless of if you hit. -1pt damage.
Extra Edge
Practiced in Armor: Reduce speed cost of armor by 1. Start with any armor.
Personable: +2 to Intellect
Skill: trained in all pleasant social interactions
Skill: trained when using abilities to influence the minds of others
Contact: You have an important contact such as a minor noble ot the like.
Inability: Knowledge, Lore, Understanding, Willpower
Additional Equipment: Moderate Priced item, Stylish clothes and jewelry
Attack Flourish: Choose any number of creatures in short range that can see you. They all gain +1 on their next dice roll.

Rugged  Ranger Who Controls Beasts
Might Speed Intellect
12/1      13/1          9/0
Bear 2 Cyphers
Practiced with All light and Medium Weapons
Equipment: Clothing, Bow, Two expensive Items, Two Moderate Items, 4 inexpensive items
Knowledge Skills: Survival, Tracking
Pierce (Replace Decipher, 1 speed point): +1 point range damage
Danger Sense (1 Speed point)
Extra Edge
Skill: Running jumping,swimming,climbing, training animals, riding animals, placating animals.
Skill: All tasks involved in identifying and using plants
Inability: Social skills
Additional Equipment: Explorer’s pack with rope, 2 days ratios, bedroll
Beast Companion: Page 112

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Payback for the Fools

The crew was not expecting to find human livestock, nor were they expecting to find a trio of robots emerge from the forest to abscond with the only child that they had seen in the ‘settlement’.

Aerik cautiously followed the robots, as did the rest of the crew, not wanting to endanger themselves more than necessary for the sake of a mere infant.

The crew was in close pursuit when SAM noted the presence of several humanoid lifesigns in the forest. It appeared they had taken up poorly planned ambush positions, so the crew decided to see what happened next.


Violence happened next.

After several volleys of outdated ballistic weapons fire, energy weapon blasts and up close and personal cutlery work, the robots were disabled or destroyed, one of the humanoids (an actual human) lay dead and a Tanzanian named  K’Vak presented himself to the crew as the only survivor of the scoutship that had been shot down the year prior. K’Vak also claimed to be the one training the remaining humans hiding in the ruins of a city to be a viable fighting force against the alien race called the ‘Harvesters’.

The crew called bullshit on his story as SAM noted him rubbing his wrists as he recounted how he survived the crash. In truth Lord K’Vak was a prisoner on the ship, being transported to exile after murdering his father in a faile coup attempt. In Tanzanian culture fratricide is considered to be a  viable means to climbing the social ladder, but only if one succeeds.

When the scout ship had crashed, K’Vak had made short work of the pilots and emerged to small force of humans surrounding the ship who took him and the remains of the vessel into their custody in the remains of an ancient metropolis to the east.

This was discussed while they were flying to the landing coordinates given by K’Vak… Also the ship’s doctor was introduced who apparently has some hygenic issues.

Upon landing in the city, the crew noted several hundred residents. K’Vak wanted the group to assist in attacking a Harvester ship scheduled to arrive in the next month so that the humans could hijack it to make their escape from the planet.

The crew would have none of that and suggested that K’Vak and as many humans as could fit on the Fool’s Errand (without having to unload the cargo hold full of raw materials ‘found’ on the moon of course.) board and return to the Known Worlds to plead their case.

Also the crew assumed that there would be a healthy bounty on K’Vak’s furry little head.

The crew sent a message to JumpCorp detailing their findings, which took 4 days to reach HQ due to the volatility of hyperspace comms.

Thinkbug’s clandestine message to his people took only 2 days to reach them with the same information.

By the time the ship reached the edge of the system and was ready to jump, JumpCorp’s Regional Vice President of Incident Management, Covuul Janx had ordered the crew to make all due haste to the Shenadoha Station due to their information having been leaked to the media and FEX News host, Milo Wanker was making it his personal crusade to crucify the crew for aiding and abetting warcrimes and genocide.

Aerik had screwed over Milo years ago when Milo worked at JumpCorp and apparently payback is going to be a bitch…

With Lord K’Vak locked in his room, the ship made the jump to hyperspace, docked with the Shenadoha station and found their dock surrounded by Press-droids.


The ‘Pillar of Peace’, the ‘Fool’s Errand’s’ sister ship finally emerges from jump in the Aerik Beta system.

Captain  Jim Khark furrowed his brow for the umpteenth time as he reviewed the astrogator’s logs, as well as the comm data showing a working hyperspace beacon indicating they were late arrivals to the mission.

“We skipped getting the weapons and shields addressed in dry-dock so we could get here first, great job crew, you’ve failed me once again.”

Khark was a dick.

Was being the operative word as shortly after this was said the Pillar of Peace became a pillar of debris as multiple missiles impacted, a menacing insectoid warship heading through the debris and on to Aerik Beta itself...

Monday, June 20, 2016

There’s No Place Like Hommlet (Dungeon World AP)


Nick the Ranger (and the amazing Willie the Rat)
Gaston! The Fighter

Grin and Bear It

Nick and Gaston were running. The forest, in the form of giant ambulatory trees, had been chasing them for miles. Looking back they noted that only one tree appeared to still be in pursuit, so gaston jumped back swiping his scimitar into its trunk, illiciting a sap-curdling scream from the Treant.

Nick had little respect for Gaston, as Gaston had little respect for nature. However Gaston did kill the legendary bear of Black Briar, saving his life in the process. (The bear’s corpse turned into an elf after it was killed, indicating there could be future complications.)

Nick somehow managed to convince the Treant that everyone involved would be better off if they stopped fighting and went their seperate ways. The Treant agreed, and Gaston climbed a tree to see where they were in the forest and was rewarded with the sight of Hommlet burning… again.

Returning to the hamlet of Hommlet, our dynamic duo enagges in various escapades to save the good folk from burning buildings and murderous elves, Gaston slaying one outright, and then allowing another to flee into the forest.

As is usual, the town militia and Mayor Willie ‘The Weasel’ Waters show up from the ‘good’ part of Hommlet once the danger has passed.

Nick spends the evening helping people to build temporary shelters, while Gaston retreats to Yorak’s in search of answers and Brandy.

Brandy is both a fine drink and the mercurial proprieter of Yorak’s. Brandy also hates Elves, a fact that she relays to Gaston as she is standing not three feet away from a mysterious Elf sitting at a table nearby.

After some introductions it is revealed that his name is Horuk, and the oracle whom he serves has sent him with a warning that a ‘great doom’ will come upon the town. Half of the town being burned to the ground for the second time in a year did not appear to qualify.

Horuk reveals that the Elf that Gaston and Nick had killed in the forest was one of three high ranking members in a mysterious cult in the forest. Unfortunately he was also the ‘reasonable one’ that they were meant to parlay with to avoid impending doom. Horuk notes that if they have access to a necromancer and the head or the jawbone of said elf, all may not be lost.

The Cat Lady

Nick, Gaston and Horuk now journey to the hovel of the Cat Lady as she is rumored to be a dabbler in the dark arts.

The dark shrine of kitty-cat skulls and the undead cat that she has on her lap reinforce some of these negative stereotypes as they enter.

The Cat Lady herself is a comely woman in her twenties, but who speaks with the voice of an old crone.

When asked about her ‘largest work’ with regards to necromancy she notes that she raised armies and conquered a good part of the world centuries ago. This causes Horuk to mutter something about her being ‘Sardohk the Black Lord, long thought defeated centuries ago.

Given the choice of getting aid from the cat lady/Black Lord or checking with Padre Kino, Priest of Chuck the God, the party decided to embrace darkness and set off into the forest to find the remains of the Elf.

The Forest

Q:What do you get when you have one Elf cult magician, six Elf cultists and an interrupted funeral?

A: A fight scene best condensed to a few sentences.

After some Elves being set alight, the forest being set ablaze and Willy the Rat absconding with the severed head of the funeral’s guest of honor, they rapidly retreat towards Hommlet with the Elves in pursuit.